Dental and Oral Health Foundation International (DOHFI) runs several programmes, including:

The PinkDentist:




The PinkDentist is part of the PinkCruise initiative, through which cancer and general health prevention is taken to the grass-roots using custom-made state-of-the-art Mobile Cancer Centres aka the PinkCruise. For more details on the PinkCruise, visit www.pinkcruise.org.

DOHFI’s PinkDentist participates in these community-based outreaches, using Mobile Dental Centres aka the PinkDentist. The slogan of PinkDentist is Preserving Smiles!

The PinkDentist performs four major functions:

  • Creating awareness about oral health (including letting the general public know about the link between poor oral health and other killer diseases such as breast cancer).
  • Demonstrating the proper care of the mouth and teeth
  • Screening for oral and dental diseases
  • On-the-spot treatment of oral and dental diseases whenever possible





Integrated School Health Initiative (ISHI) is and initiative is one of the community-based outreaches of the Dental and Oral Health Foundation International (DOHFI).

Research shows that any child that is impaired aurally, orally or visually will have learning difficulties, no matter how minor the impairment may be. This fact informed the commencement of ISHI.

ISHI involves organizing and carrying out visits to schools to screen pupils and students for aural, oral or visual impairments.

The Integrated School Health Initiative seeks to mobilize and strengthen the health promotion and health education aspect of the extracurricular content of learning in all beneficiary schools.

The services provided under the Initiative are also extended to teachers and parents.

In addition to the primary focus on the eye, ear, and mouth, other activities such as health awareness talks and counseling and general physical examination checks.

Where necessary, participants can access specialist follow up care at the Selims Dental Centre.

To read more about the ISHI, please visit www.school-health.org